All products manufactured by the company are specially designed and manufactured on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology, according to the domestic operating environment, so the products meet the national standards.For the company's products, we make the following commitment to product after-sales service specially:

1, After the equipment installation and debugging is completed, and the equipment is delivered to the user. During the warranty period, we guarantee the contract free of charge.

2, We guarantee that the company's professional installation staff is responsible for installation and maintenance work, and we are equipped with full-time inspection personnel for acceptance.

3, After the installation and commissioning is qualified, the supplier needs someone to be responsible for the management especially.

4, In the warranty period, we provide free parts (except for man-made damage), and we will supply spare parts at the factory price chronically.

5, During the office hours, the company provides full day technical services. Normally, after receiving the notice, we will arrive at the scene within 24 hours (outside the province), except outside the province (we will arrive at the scene within 3 hours).

6, We will carry out comprehensive technical safety inspection and testing of equipment irregularly, the purpose is to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

7, Within three months from the date of completion of the installation, we will do a return visit investigation.